Future Tech 202120 Videos

Future Tech 2021: Rick van den Bosch – Get a grip! – Managing your APIs with API Management

This session helps you organize and monetize your data and services by creating an API gateway and developer portal using API Management. Azure API Management is a turnkey solution for publishing APIs to external and internal customers. In this session we’re showing you the ropes on setting up and managing API Management.

Future Tech 2021: Erik Lieben – Serverless EventSourcing for pennies using Azure Functions, Storage, and EventGrid

As developers, we store our code in a system (GIT) that allows us to time travel, compare, work together, and reason about our code. We can go back in time to learn who made a particular change, where a bug originated, or which parts of our code have a high change rate. It stores our […]

Future Tech 2021: Bart Kooijmans – Google and Amazon cloud for the Azure developer

Going to the cloud is a given. Endless possibilities with over 200 managed services, global coverage with datacenters everywhere and you are charged per usage. But which cloud should you use? As a Microsoft developer, you’d choose Azure right?! In this session I’ll show you the similarities between the three major clouds Microsoft Azure, Amazon […]

Future Tech 2021: Michaël Hompus – Achievement unlocked: use .NET to unlock Xbox achievements

While playing the movie trivia game “Scene It?” [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scene_It%3F] on my Xbox 360 back in 2007, I had the feeling that with a camera, computer, and some software, it should be much easier to get the correct answers to the questions in the game. But where to start? Fast forward to today: Now I have lots […]

Future Tech 2021: Menno Jongerius – Introduction to some of the coolest new C#9 features

Whether as a value type in domain driven design or as data transfer object, there are plenty of situations that call for immutable objects. But so far creating them was a hassle in .NET. Not anymore with the introduction of record types in C#9. During this session we will start to have a look at […]

Future Tech 2021: Amber Vanderburg – The Power of Performance Feedback

Feedback is a critical part of performance. The way you give and receive feedback directly affects the outcomes of your team. If you’re like most people, the feedback you provide is often vague, inconsistent, nuanced, and generally ineffective. And furthermore, the way you receive feedback likely isn’t working for you. To unlock real performance improvement- […]

Future Tech 2021: Heini Ilmarinen – Machine Learning 102 – Beyond the Visual Tools

It has never been this easy to get started with machine learning. Just pick up one of the visual tools and boom! You have trained your first machine learning model! But how far can you really get with a visual tool? Should you switch over to using notebooks and code, and if so – when […]

Future Tech 2021: Annie Talvasto – Top new CNCF projects to look out for

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) bought you such fan favorites like Kubernetes & Prometheus. In this talk Annie Talvasto will introduce you the most interesting and coolest upcoming CNCF tools and projects. This compact and demo-filled talk will give you ideas and inspiration that you can 1) discover new technologies and tools to use […]

Future Tech 2021: Brendan Burns – Why should you care about microservices?

Are microservices really a technical innovation? Or are they really about ideal team design? At the end of the day, technology changes rapidly, but people change slowly, if ever. This means that to truly build great systems, we need to understand how to enable our teams to excel, as well as how to use the […]

Future Tech 2021: Richard Campbell – The Next Decade of Software Development

It’s 2021 – and after a very odd year, we’re still in a new decade! How will software development evolve in the 2020s? Join Richard Campbell as he explores the landscape of technology that will have a huge impact on development over the next ten years. How will the pandemic change things? What new devices […]