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Aftermovie IoT Tech Day 2017 – Europe’s Biggest Internet of Things Conference

Aftermovie of the IoT Tech Day 2017, Europe’s biggest Internet of Things conference. On April 19th, 2017 more than 1,300 visitors came to the Jaarbeurs Utrecht for a day filled with technical talks about the Internet of Things, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and much more. Hope to see you next year at IoT […]

IoT Developers Day 2015 – Opening en Keynote Rob van Kranenburg

Alle kwaliteiten om positief te gaan werken met de connectiviteit in Internet of Things zijn aanwezig. Een generatie Millennium die niet bang is van de samenhang, die begrijpt dat de wereld en de politiek als een georganiseerd netwerk – een platform – moet opereren, die lokaal wil investeren in waarde (zie de G1000’s, de explosie […]

Future Tech 2019: Remi Caron – IOT and the platform revolution

Please excuse us for the camera quality of this video. The camera shifted while filming and wasn’t corrected until the end of the video. Our sincere apologies. Within Versa we have created a luggage tracker. The device itself is an interesting piece of hardware but stupid as F*!. The combination of platforms in the Travel, […]

IoT Developers Day 2015 – Gerard Boersema deel 2

Connect globally, mesh locally. A bright future at low power Wireless connectivity is still growing. New long range low power techniques offer an amazing future potential for IoT. In a highly interactive session this bright future is illustrated and challenging questions come along. How will it change our daily live? And how do we assure […]

Aftermovie IoT Developers Day 2015

On the 16th of April the Supernova in Utrecht was filled with 500 developers for thé IoT event of the year: IoT Developers Day. A day full of Internet of Things-topics, such as: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, home automation, robotics, security, continuous delivery and much more! See you all next year! Visit for more info

TEQnation 2019 teaser

TEQnation is the Developer Conference of Tomorrow, bringing more than 50 speakers, various exhibitors, live demonstrations and numerous networking opportunities. We’re gearing up for a new and improved edition of TEQnation. We’re super excited and you should be too. Why you might ask? 1.000+ Visitors | 25+ Partners | 50+ Speakers are waiting for YOU!  […]

IoT Developers Day 2015 – Dierk Koenig deel 1

Stop! Or my Duke will shoot! The Internet of Things needs an application architecture that enables the gathering of information from many devices; aggregation and processing of that data, including human supervision and intervention; and, finally, appropriate reaction to close the cybernetic feedback loop. This session proposes a reactive architecture based on OpenDolphin in which […]

J-Fall 2014 Speaker James Weaver – Creating Our Robot Overlords

Who wants a mindless drone? Teach it to “think,” and it can do so much more. But how do you take it from Toy Story to Terminator? This session’s speaker discusses a new open source library, Autonomous4j, for autonomous drone development. Combining this library and some components from his mad science toolkit, he’ll demonstrate how […]

Aftermovie IoT Tech Day 2016

Aftermovie of the IoT Tech Day 2016, the biggest Internet of Things conference of Europe. On April 14th, 2016 1,300+ visitors came to the Jaarbeurs Utrecht of the IoT Conference of the year! See you next year at the IoT Tech Day 2017! More info on

TEQnation 2019: Robert van Mölken – Programming your autonomous drone with Droneblocks and Python

Note: Please excuse us for the audio quality Currently many things are being made autonomous. In this geeky sessions we are going to make our own autonomous drone using the Ryze/DJI Tello. One thing that sets the Tello apart from other drones is that you can program it movements using multible programming languages. In this […]