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TEQnation 2019: Gabriel Bianconi – Introduction to Face Processing with Computer Vision

Note: Please excuse us for the fact the video cut off early. Ever wonder how Facebook’s facial recognition or Snapchat’s filters work? Faces are a fundamental piece of photography, and building applications around them has never been easier with open-source libraries and pre-trained models. In this talk, we’ll help you understand some of the computer […]

TEQnation 2019: Seth Vargo – Base64 is not encryption – a better story for Kubernetes Secrets

Secrets are a key pillar of Kubernetes’ security model, used internally (e.g. service accounts) and by users (e.g. API keys), but did you know they are stored in plaintext? That’s right, by default all Kubernetes secrets are base64 encoded and stored as plaintext in etcd. Anyone with access to the etcd cluster has access to […]

TEQnation 2019: Mariusz Gil – Discovering unknown with EventStorming

EventStorming is a lightweight discovery and collaborative learning tool for exploring complex domains and problems. Using Events, the first-class citizens of modern software development, in very short period of the time we can discover, model and visualize flows, aggregates, bounded contexts, business rules and related hotspots, commands, read-models… EventStorming is also a communication platform and […]

TEQnation 2019: Marcus Biel – Keynote: Listen to dad

In this talk, I want to share with you how I came to where I stand today. Husband and father of a 5 months old son, director of developer experience at Red Hat, traveling the world. I will share with you the good, the bad, the ugly. My failures and my learnings along the way. […]

TEQnation 2019: Willem Veelenturf & Bob Bijvoet – Building a global, scalable front-end platform

Please excuse us for the audio quality ING is aiming to become one global bank. This means that all of the front-end engineers will be working together on realizing one global front-end platform. A platform that enables squads to deliver value to our customer faster than ever. To realize this goal, all international programs sat […]

TEQnation 2019: Johan Janssen – Build your own voice recognition solution with Alexa

What if you’re eating and having a discussion about a certain topic? Searching on your phone would mean your food gets cold. Or what if you’re lying on the couch without your phone and you want to control the lights? The voice recognition service called Alexa can solve those issues. In this presentation I will […]

TEQnation 2019: Julie Matviyuk – Friendly fire: how security software messes up

Have you ever wondered why, in the era of Deep Learning and hover-boards*, security software can still mess up? Why is it so challenging to distinguish clean files from malware? Here are 10 simple tips to make sure your software won’t be blasted off customers’ machines. *(they don’t really hover) For the past 10 years, […]

TEQnation 2019: Brian Vermeer – Live exploiting your open source dependencies

Today, almost all software heavily relies on the use of third-party dependencies. While open source modules are undoubtedly awesome, they also represent an undeniable and massive risk. You’re introducing someone else’s code into your system, often with little or no scrutiny. Including the wrong package can introduce severe vulnerabilities, exposing your application and your user’s […]

TEQnation 2019: Marcel Kramer & Jonnes Bouma – Keynote: Open Source and sustainability

ABN AMRO will launch an Open Source community. This keynote is about how we moved this way. So the story about Open Source and how we as IT, by applying that, contribute to sustainability and what initiatives we’re doing in that space. Next to that what ABN already did last year in IoT like paying […]

TEQnation 2019: Alexander Shopov – 700 tons of code later

Full title: Alexander Shopov – 700 tons of code later/When your IDE will not cut it you need a Spoon When your codebase is hundreds of projects in tens of thousands of different projects/modules it is very hard to do mass refactors. While IDEs are very helpful when working on several to tens of modules […]