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The Artificial Intelligence revolution

Over the 20th century, the development of automated machinery has propelled modern industry and manufacturing into new heights of productivity. However, the cost of this technological advancement has been the displacement of millions of blue collar jobs across the world. In contrast, white-collar labour has always been regarded as safe from the kind of automation […]

TEQnation 2019: Nadia Ashahwan – Automated Test Design and Bug Fixing @Facebook

The talk describes Sapienz, a system for automated test case design that uses Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE). Sapienz has been deployed at Facebook since October 2017 to design test cases, localise and triage crashes to developers and monitor their fixes. It also describes SapFix, a system for automated fix design and deployment. Finally, the […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Sven Peters – Rise of the Machines – Automate your development

When we talk about automation in software development, we immediately think of automated builds and deployments. We may also be using scripts to help make our daily work easier. But this is really just the beginning of the rise of the machines. I show you how leading developers in our industry are using open source […]

Aftermovie Future Tech 2019

Future Tech was a huge succes with 600 future technology addicts! A big thank you to everyone who contributed in any way and of course to every visitor present! Were you not there? or do you want a recap of what Future Tech was like? Then take a look at this awesome aftermovie!

TEQnation 2019: Alexander Backus & Daan Debie – Forecasting passengers with machine learning at KLM

Nobody likes throwing good food away, while everybody likes to get a fresh meal on a long-distance flight. In to order take just the right amount of meals on board, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines successfully executed a project to improve their forecast of the number of passengers on-board every flight. In this talk, we walk […]

J-Fall 2017 Vera Velt & Bram Miedema – Text Analytics and Machine Learning: best for the job!

Iedere dag komen er honderden vragen binnen naar een professional. Hoe vind je uit 4000 medewerkers de meest geschikte en wie is daarvan beschikbaar? Dan kom je een heel eind met een aantal Resource Managers die hun pappenheimers kennen. Maar hoe gaat dat als je aanvragen uit de hele wereld komen en je een wereldwijde […]

Future Tech 2019: Alessandro Vozza – Deploying scalable Machine Learning models with Kubernetes

Where data scientists meet DevOps: how to deploy, manage, train and serve Machine Learning models at scale in the cloud with popular open source tools like Kubeflow, on the most popular container orchestration and microservices: Kubernetes. Applying widespread concepts like continuous delivery and infrastructure as code, we will show how simple and streamlined it can […]

TEQnation 2019: Gabriel Bianconi – Introduction to Face Processing with Computer Vision

Note: Please excuse us for the fact the video cut off early. Ever wonder how Facebook’s facial recognition or Snapchat’s filters work? Faces are a fundamental piece of photography, and building applications around them has never been easier with open-source libraries and pre-trained models. In this talk, we’ll help you understand some of the computer […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Arun Gupta – Build, Debug and Deploy your first Chatbot

Chatbots are computer programs that interact via auditory or textual methods. They can be integrated in any chat service like Slack or Facebook Messenger. You can talk to them using SMS. You can even converse with them using Alexa. This talk will explain how I built first chatbot for our Star Wars-struck family. Attendees will […]

Future Tech 2019: Rick van den Bosch – Securing an Azure Function REST API with Azure Active Directory

This session will show you how to secure your Azure Functions powered REST API using Azure Active Directory, and how to consume this API from an Angular front-end. Bio Rick van den Bosch I’m a Cloud Solutions Architect who has been working with Microsoft Azure since its very first introduction. I have performed numerous Azure […]