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J-Fall 2017 Speaker Steve Poole – Java in the 21st Century: are you thinking far enough ahead?

It is all change in the Java arena. Java 9 ships with the long awaited modularity support. Oracle plans to contribute Java EE to the Eclipse Foundation and to top it all, IBM announces both Open Liberty (based on its flagship application server ) and OpenJ9 it’s enterprise proven Java Virtual Machine. In this talk […]

Future Tech 2019: Gian Paolo Santopaolo – AI for every developer

Artificial Intelligence is changing everything from how we live to how we work and even how we think. It is transforming our lives. As a developer, you should be part of it. And this is the right place where to start with a deep overview of what AI (Artificial Intelligence) /ML (Machine Learning) /DL (Deep […]

J-Fall 2019: M. Förtsch & T. Endres – Deepfakes 2.0 – How Neural Networks are Changing our World

Full title: Martin Förtsch & Thomas Endres – Deepfakes 2.0 – How Neural Networks are Changing our World Imagine that you are standing in front of a mirror, but no longer see your own face, but through the eyes of Barack Obama or Angela Merkel. In real time, your own facial expressions are transferred to […]

TEQNATION 2018 The Future is Smart – Aftermovie

What a day! All the rooms were packed with an enthusiastic crowd, the conference floor generated an incredible energy that radiated all over the event and speakers were cheered as if they were world-class artists. Have you been here too and want to relive the TEQNATION feeling or unfortunately missed out and are you curious […]

Future Tech 2019: Martin Opdam – Dawn of the planet of artificial intelligence

Our sincere apologies for the atrocious sound quality the first half of the video. We hope you can still enjoy this amazing session by Martin Opdam. A high paced overview of everything you can come across when learning about artificial intelligence. It’s an interesting and entertaining talk for anyone with an interest in technology and […]

FutureTech Preview

Future Tech is the new conference for and by Developers and IT professionals who work with Microsoft technologies (C#, .NET Framework and web technologies). Future Tech is the event in the Netherlands for everyone who has passions for tech! The main goal of Future Tech is to share all the available knowledge, ideas, know-how about […]

Future Tech 2019: Roelant Dieben – Rub a little AI on it

Whether it was Voltaire or “Uncle Ben” Parker who said it first, but with great power comes great responsibility. It seems almost everyone in marketing and product development is searching for ways to integrate artificial intelligence in any way possible, but is ‘rubbing some AI on it’ always the anwser and what problems can an […]

J-Fall 2018: Gebrian uit de Bulten & Thijs Willems – Keynote: Waarom ook jouw kind op de basisschool behoefte heeft aan persoonlijk leren met behulp van Artificial Intelligence

Educatieve Uitgeverij Malmberg, de marktleider in het basisonderwijs, heeft in augustus dit jaar een revolutionair nieuw digitaal concept gelanceerd voor het Basisonderwijs. Vernieuwend is de manier waarop het platform real-time o.b.v. ‘artificial intelligence’ met de leerlingen meedenkt en hen steeds díe lesstof toont die exact aansluit bij hun niveau. De onderliggende techniek faciliteert hiermee de […]

Future Tech 2019: Alex de Groot – Architecting for ML.NET & Cognitive Services

The world talks about Machine Learning & Cognitive Services, but you still have the same deliveries. Wouldn’t it be nice if you simply can drag ‘n drop these new capabilities when you have the real business case? During this talks I go in-depth on how to integrate all of these new capabilities into your carefully […]

The Artificial Intelligence revolution

Over the 20th century, the development of automated machinery has propelled modern industry and manufacturing into new heights of productivity. However, the cost of this technological advancement has been the displacement of millions of blue collar jobs across the world. In contrast, white-collar labour has always been regarded as safe from the kind of automation […]