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TEQnation 2019: Erwin de Gier – Building a cloud native Crypto Currency platform with WebFlux

Full title: Building a cloud native Crypto Currency trading platform with Spring WebFlux Using events is a powerful alternative to REST-based communication in microservices. However, it comes with its own challenges: For instance, dealing with eventual consistency, synchronisation of state, and writing code which can handle asynchronous business logic. In this talk we explain how […]

J-Fall 2015 Speaker Gerke Kok – Identity and Access Management in the 21st century

Java EE applicaties zijn vaak afgeschermd. Iedereen heeft wel eens te maken gehad met identificatie van gebruikers. Het is heel verleidelijk om een simpel tabelletje te maken met username en wachtwoord. Maar dan begint het werk pas. Is het wel veilig? En wat als men het wachtwoord vergeten is? Kunnen we niet met Facebook inloggen? […]

J-Spring 2019: Adam Bien – Kickass Apps with Boring Tech: Interactive Hacking #Slideless

What happens, when you focus on the domain and ignore the technology? In this session I will hack a full stack application from microservice backend to WebStandards frontend without any esoteric frameworks, technologies or libraries. Questions are highly welcome and are going to be answered in real time. Bio Adam Adam Bien: Java (EE), Jakarta […]

FutureTech Preview

Future Tech is the new conference for and by Developers and IT professionals who work with Microsoft technologies (C#, .NET Framework and web technologies). Future Tech is the event in the Netherlands for everyone who has passions for tech! The main goal of Future Tech is to share all the available knowledge, ideas, know-how about […]

J-Spring 2019: Brian Vermeer – Live exploiting your open source dependencies

Today, almost all software heavily relies on the use of third-party dependencies. While open source modules are undoubtedly awesome, they also represent an undeniable and massive risk. You’re introducing someone else’s code into your system, often with little or no scrutiny. Including the wrong package can introduce severe vulnerabilities, exposing your application and your user’s […]

J-Spring 2018: Simon Maple – Common vulnerabilities you wish your Java app didn’t have!

This session takes some of the most common vulnerabilities found in the Java eco-system, breaks them down and shows how simple code can exploit them. We’ll look at examples in the wild that have been exposed, some more famously than others, before showing you how to guard against these important security issues. Bio Simon: Simon […]

J-Spring 2019: Emond Papegaaij – Oauth2 demystified

Almost every developer will have to face this at some point in his or her career: authorization with OAuth2. It doesn’t matter if you build mobile apps, web applications or even develop for embedded systems in the IoT, everybody seems to use OAuth2 nowadays. But how does this protocol work and what’s up with all […]

J-Spring 2018: Siren Hofvander – Making cookies healthy. Security in a web based world

Our world has grown more complicated since cookies were first baked into web browsers as a way around state-based obstacles and sessions. In the intervening years they have held everything from unsecured administrative credentials to language preferences and even our window scroll location. But while the wild-west years of plaintext credential storage are hopefully over, […]

J-Spring Digital: Brian Vermeer – Know thy neighbours: dependency management done right

We all love scaffolders like Spring Boot Initialzr. It creates a brand new app with all the latest versions of the libraries we need to get going, enabling us to build awesome applications quickly. But after creating our initial application who is responsible for the dependency management and what happens over time when new features […]

J-Fall 2018: Maarten Mulders – SSL/TLS for Mortals

Using Transport Layer Security (TLS) the right way is often a big hurdle for developers. We prefer to have that one colleague perform “something with certificates”, because he/she knows how that works. But what if “that one colleague” is enjoying vacation and something goes wrong with the certificates? In this session we’ll take a close […]