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Future Tech 2019: Sander Gerz – Solving real-world problems with distributed ledger technology

By now, it is apparent that distributed ledger technology, or DLT, is about far more than just Bitcoin. Across finance, healthcare, media, government and other sectors, innovative uses are appearing every day. However, since DLT is still not widely understood, it can be difficult to distinguish the valuable use cases of blockchains from the questionable […]

Future Tech 2019: Eduardo Leegwater Simões – Self Sovereign Identity

Identity models on the internet have come a long way since usernames and passwords. In this session I give an overview of how these models have advanced, and what problems they tackled at the time, using them as a springing board to discuss a new model – Self-Sovereign Identity – focusing on privacy and complete […]

Aftermovie Future Tech 2019

Future Tech was a huge succes with 600 future technology addicts! A big thank you to everyone who contributed in any way and of course to every visitor present! Were you not there? or do you want a recap of what Future Tech was like? Then take a look at this awesome aftermovie!

J-Fall 2018: Pim Otte – Ethereum: Unboxing the Truffle Box for Angular

Blockchain is een enorme hype. Maar hoe werkt het? Hoe bouwen we applicaties? In dit praatje beschouwen we een volledige stack voor applicaties op een blockchain, met een focus op welke componenten in een front-end bijdragen aan deze interactie. Na een beknopte introductie van blockchains duiken we de stack in. De technologiekeuze is het Ethereum […]

FutureTech Preview

Future Tech is the new conference for and by Developers and IT professionals who work with Microsoft technologies (C#, .NET Framework and web technologies). Future Tech is the event in the Netherlands for everyone who has passions for tech! The main goal of Future Tech is to share all the available knowledge, ideas, know-how about […]

TEQNATION 2018 The Future is Smart – Aftermovie

What a day! All the rooms were packed with an enthusiastic crowd, the conference floor generated an incredible energy that radiated all over the event and speakers were cheered as if they were world-class artists. Have you been here too and want to relive the TEQNATION feeling or unfortunately missed out and are you curious […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Rhodé Reuijl-Zwijnenburg – What can be done with Blockchain and Smart Contracts?

There is much to do about Blockchain these days. It may be the biggest technological innovation since the internet. Some say it is the solution to ‘almost everything’: the solution to corruption, the solution to be able to vote safely, anonymously and online, the solution for improperly spent money addressed to development aid and so […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Michael Kolenbrander – Blockchain under the hood: Mining

In this session Michael will explore Blockchain technology and how it works ‘under the hood’. We will specifically look at mining; the process which grants a public network its security and brings finality to the transactions sent over the network by putting them into blocks. At Capgemini, we have been mining several cryptocurrencies using different […]