J-Fall 202146 Videos

J-Fall 2021: Jago de Vreede – Migrating Java EE to Quarkus

Quarkus is to Java EE what Spring boot is for Spring. Quarkus is a very lightweight standalone container for Java EE applications. Starting a greenfield Quarkus project or service is easy. But most projects already have an existing code base and/or a nice monolith. Quarkus is really nice for both situations. (Big) Application servers have […]

J-Fall 2021: Hari Rangarajan – Reactive programming using RSocket

Organisation: Please excuse us for the inferior quality of the screen recording. A standard approach to connecting and communicating with microservices is needed. Standardization and uniformity simplify management. Considering the complex, highly distributed enterprise applications that are built today, we should consider the point of view that REST and HTTP might not necessarily be the […]