J-Fall 2015 Speaker Peter van den Berkmortel & Erik Brakkee – Managing and monitoring a JVM

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It is relatively easy to run a Java enterprise application under a low system load in a development environment. However, this gets a lot more difficult if the same application is running in production with a continuous high load, many concurrent users, performing many different tasks varying from short interactions (displaying an object), to long running data imports, and various integrations with other systems. In addition software changes may introduce errors that only occur under specific loads.

In many cases these problems only arise on production systems and cannot be easily found and reproduced on test systems. This makes monitoring of the production system as well as troubleshooting on the production system essential. Also, it is very difficult to reproduce a true server load on a test system and therefore, detailed monitoring is required on the production system itself.

The presentation will focus on the following areas:

garbage collection: monitoring and essential configuration on the production system memory usage tracking: How to trace back memory usage to individual users requests. For instance, what was the cause of these rapid garabage collections in that specific time period. JVM troubleshooting features: JVM features for troubleshooting to use on a production system infinite recursions: Sometimes a subtle bug may lead to infinite loops. How to find these dead locks: How to find these. load: How to find out what customer requests are causing this server load. performance troubleshooting: What customers requests are causing this high server load. application level troubleshooting: What tools would be required to facillitate fast troubleshooting based on server logs. missing JVM features: What features are we missing in the JVM? Prerequisite knowledge: Basic knowledge of the JVM

Bio van Peter van den Berkmortel & Erik Brakkee Peter works since 2008 for Axxerion as a Software Architect. He has previously written articles for the Java Magazine, he has spoken on the Sogeti Engineering World conference and has submitted a Masters of Java challenge on Regular Expressions. He was worked in IT for 20 years, of which 14 years with Java.

Erik works since 2011 for Axxerion as a Software Architect. He started his career working in Scientific Computing (Computational Fluid Dynamics and parallel computing) and wrote and presented several papers in this area. He moved away gradually from scientific computing into regular IT. He also operates a few of his own open source projects under the wamblee.org domain. Erik has a total of 20 years of experience in IT of which 11 years full time with Java. About Axxerion: Axxerion is a multi-tenant SaaS application for Facility Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Contract Lifecycle Management, Project Management, Incident Management, etc. build entirely in Java, with a MySQL backend, state of the art workflow engine and real-time scripting engine. Axxerion has over 300 customers in 15 countries that use the application daily to manage their business.

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