J-Fall 2015 Speaker Folkert Schram de Jong – Continuous Delivery as a Service (Capgemini)

In this video

In this session Folkert Schram de Jong will demonstrate how to build, test, deploy and monitor a java application using several cloud platforms and services. And without the use of a creditcard. Continuous Delivery practices that used to be cumbersome to set up, are now being offered as easy to use services. This enables developers (and OPS-engineers) to focus on delivering high quality applications. The session is intended to show the audience how to create an effective continuous delivery pipeline in a few simple steps.

Bio van Folkert Schram de Jong Folkert Schram de Jong is a Solution Architect at Capgemini. He designs and implements Digital Transformation solutions for financial institutions. In his daily work he has a strong focus on the effective use of Continuous Delivery- and DevOps practices

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