J-Fall 2023: Roy Wasse & Roy van Rijn

How good of a developer are you?Are you a good Java developer? What makes a good developer? And how can we measure this? If you ask Oracle they’ll say OCP (Oracle Certified Programmer), which means that you know when the compiler makes those red squiggly lines in your IDE disappear. If you ask FAANG companies it means you can balance a binary tree on a whiteboard. All of these methods involve some knowledge and memory, but have very little to do with actual day-to-day programming, technical skill, problem solving and creativity. And.. don’t you think it’s annoying you have to take all these technical tests even though you’ve been coding for many years? In this talk we’ll describe our long journey to find a better way to test software development skills; a model based on scientific research, to measure actual coding skills, in a realistic environment. Demo & code included. We’re currently working with the (international) Foojay.io community to use these measures and set up a more realistic certification process.

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