J-Fall 2017 Speaker Xavier Dupré – Democratization of AI: from researchers to any user

Machine learning somehow became one magic wand able to solve many things. It can be seen as a way to automate an existing pipeline which became very time consuming, it could also be seen as a way to process information we could not handle so far such as images or videos. We usually forget it is first a statistical method which is right in most cases but not in all cases. This talk will expose a particular case where machine learning and deep learning will be used to reduce the amount of manual work. It will also show how to quickly experiment an idea with Microsoft tools with a short demo.

Bio Xavier Dupré:
Xavier Dupré began his career at A2iA in 2000, a company specialized in automatic reading of cheques and handwriting recognition. After a short passage in finance, he joined Yahoo in 2008 to work on its search engine. In 2010, Xavier joined Microsoft to contribute to the local search engine and has been working on very large scale problems and contributing to the core of Azure Machine Learning since. Meanwhile, he has been teaching programming at the ENSAE (France). The courses have expanded in 2014 to machine learning and technologies associated to big data. More recently, he started collaborations with non-profitable organizations such as La Croix-Rouge to leverage student’s work through hackathons and academical projects.

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