J-Fall 2016 Speaker Tom Eugelink – One application to rule them all

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could write a mobile app and a desktop app with a single code base. Yes, of course there are HTML based solutions, and they work as well, but maybe you also find developing in HTML, CSS and JavaScript just frustrating as I do. I want to work in an environment that was intended to code in, not create fancy text pages. In this talk we are going to develop a real world fully working and daily used JavaFX application that runs both on desktop, Android and iOS. First with just using vanilla JavaFX, but we’ll also take a peek at what is available in the open source (and how that is working out) and other commercial libraries. At the end you have an impression if this is feasible at all with the current tools and libraries, and if so, what to use and what not.

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