J-Fall 2015 Speaker Alexander Schwartz – Good for Karma: Configuration at Runtime

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Applications need configuration data: for addresses for their neighboring systems and what options are active. What if changes would be possible at runtime: Without maintenance windows for all nodes in the cluster and new functions can be activated without re-deployment? Once configuration at runtime has been implemented, it makes the lives of application owners, developers, users and operations easier. Examples on the basis of the open source projects Togglz, Netflix Archaius and CoreOS etcd will be presented. The examples are for classical enterprise architectures, as well as for modern cloud and Continuous delivery environments.

Bio van Alexander Schwartz Alexander Schwartz is Principal IT Consultant at msg systems. He’s been in Web development for more than 15 years and enjoys productive working environments, agile projects and automated tests. At conferences and user group meetings he talks about the things he is passionate about.

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