J-Fall 2015 Speaker Jettro Coenradie – Handling, extending and presenting data with ELK+

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More and more people are using the ELK (Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana) stack to analyse their data. Often what they do is using the default logstash, default elasticsearch and standard Kibana dashboards. I would almost say, to bad, since there is so much more possible with these tools. For numerous projects in aviation, car industry, healthcare and marketing we have helped getting more insight in customers, cards, and diseases using the ELK stack together with some custom components. In this presentation you will get a short overview of the ELK basics, but most of the time you can learn about other ways of handling data. You will see how you can extend data using different data sources and you will see what other presentation techniques can do with you data. During the presentation I’ll use demo’s of the ELK stack. I will gives some ideas for data enriching using java and node.js and using scripts in elasticsearch on the server. I’ll show you some more advanced Kibana options but I will also look at some other options for graphs and graphics using D3 and D3 based libraries. After the presentation you will have enough ideas to do more than the basics with your data and ELK.

Bio van Jettro Coenradie Jettro Coenradie is a Fellow at Luminis Amsterdam. He has been delivering applications for over 15 years. In these years Jettro has learned the importance of a close connection between development and operations. Therefore he is a strong believer in the devops movement. One type of handover from development to operations is documentation, but the best one is good logs. Jettro likes to try out new stuff. That is why he recently got his motorcycle drivers license. On a motor bike you tend to explore different routes to get the best our of your bike and have fun while doing the thing you need to do, get from A to B. When exploring new technologies he also likes to explore new routes to find better and more interesting ways to accomplish his goal. Jettro rides an all terrain bike, he does not like riding the same ground over and over again. The same is valid for his technical interest, he knows about backend (elasticsearch, mongodb, spring data, spring integration) as well as front-end (AngularJS, Sass, Less) and mobile development (iOS, Sencha touch).

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