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J-Fall 2019 Aftermovie

J-Fall 2019 was a huge success! Relive the J-Fall experience right here with the aftermovie of J-Fall 2019! (Visited 11 times, 1 visits today)

J-Fall 2019: Roel Spilker & Reinier Zwitserloot – The mistakes we made in a open source project

Full title: J-Fall 2019: Roel Spilker & Reinier Zwitserloot – The 7 biggest mistakes we made in 10 years of running a major open source project Roel and Reinier of Project Lombok (the Java boilerplate busting tool) explain their top 7 mistakes made over the past 10 years of creating and maintaining an open source […]

J-Fall 2019: Talip Ozkeles – 10 Tips to decrease your velocity

In this session we will discuss 10 tips to decrease your velocity. Yes you read it well. 10 Tips to decrease your velocity. This session is not intended for people who already know how to decrease their velocity. It is intended for people who know how to increase their velocity, so that they can learn […]

J-Fall 2019: Bart Kerkvliet – Web development? Write yourself a browser extension!

Web development on a whole ‘nother level. Writing a browser extension might seem scary and daunting, but I assure you it is not. Always had a great idea, but didn’t know how to get started? Then this talk is for you! During this talk I will take you through the basics of browser extension development. […]

J-Fall 2019: Jessica Siewert – Robustness for event driven microservices

Customers using our microservices demand a trouble-free experience. In case of any problems you spent a lot of time assisting with and improving your services. How would it be if your services were so robust that your customers would never have any problems and just love using your services from the get go and for […]

J-Fall 2019: Oleh Dokuka – Multiplayer Pac-Man with RSocket

One of the challenging aspects of building modern games is making the multiplayer one. Can we use HTTP there? We can, but we will not get a real-time game. Can we use WebSockets / TCP? Of course, we can and we should! However, developing API on top of WebSocket is another challenge that no one […]

J-Fall 2019: Jay Rajani – Kafka vs CQRS+Event Sourcing

Kafka has rapidly become very popular, even small to evolve enterprises are noticing it. Why not? Kafka is one of the best stream processing platforms right now. The recent trend in Microservices also gave a boost to this increase in popularity of Kafka. But wait is it a de facto standard. Do we really need […]

J-Fall 2019: Ramon Wieleman, Vasco Veloso & Suyash Patil – The Java Pub Quiz

Oh yes, the one-and-only Java Pub Quiz is coming to J-Fall! Test your knowledge about the programming language we all love: Java! With fun and interesting questions presented in a fast-paced pub quiz style which cover a wide range of Java related subjects. Bring a friend or just join up. We’ve got beer for everyone […]
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