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TEQnation 2019: Marcel Kramer & Jonnes Bouma – Keynote: Open Source and sustainability

ABN AMRO will launch an Open Source community. This keynote is about how we moved this way. So the story about Open Source and how we as IT, by applying that, contribute to sustainability and what initiatives we’re doing in that space. Next to that what ABN already did last year in IoT like paying […]

TEQnation 2019: Ferhat Yildiz & Laura Rehorst – From COBOL to Kubernetes: A 250 Year Old Bank’s Cloud Native Journey

Adopting Kubernetes in an enterprise setting is challenging enough. Doing so in the highly-regulated banking industry presents further challenges. In this presentation Laura Rehorst (Product Owner – Stratus Platform, ABN AMRO) and Ferhat Yildiz (DevOps Consultant) will share some of the lessons learned during ABN AMRO’s Kubernetes adoption, discuss how Kubernetes accelerated the bank’s Digital […]

TEQnation 2019: Ramon Wieleman & Artem Makarov – Get Shit Done – 25 tips to focus, get work done and become a better developer

Please excuse us for the bad audio quality at the start With the uprise of smartphones, social media and IoT, our day-to-day life is so much different than 10 years ago. We receive hundreds of notifications per day, our email inbox is getting filled on evenings and weekends and we only see successful people on […]

TEQnation 2019: Tim van Deursen – Keynote: When technology meets empathy

In a world with more refugees than ever, with new wars flaring up and new walls rising, we need to find better ways to connect and communicate. Tim van Deursen shows how innovative technology can make a difference in humanitarian challenges. His documentary “Meet the Soldier” sends soldiers of rivalling tribes in Karamoja, Uganda, on […]

TEQnation 2019: Angelo van der Sijpt – What every developer needs to know about cryptography

Cryptography is often shrouded like it is a black art. While you should stay away from implementing your own crypto, there’s plenty of components available in the Java ecosystem that can help you. But, what are they, and what to all those terms mean? In this session, we will unpack the jargon and show you […]

TEQnation 2019: Mariya Mladenova – Platform design and migration in the real world

The session will present the challenges we’ve faced and the lessons learnt in Logistics Core @ Zalando on our way to defining a flexible, scalable service-based platform for an in-house Warehouse Management System. It will concentrate on strategies supporting successful platform design and migration that enable both engineering teams and the business. Bio Mariya Mariya […]

TEQnation 2019: Marcus Biel – Keynote: Listen to dad

In this talk, I want to share with you how I came to where I stand today. Husband and father of a 5 months old son, director of developer experience at Red Hat, traveling the world. I will share with you the good, the bad, the ugly. My failures and my learnings along the way. […]

TEQnation 2019: Thodoris Bais – Why you should get involved in a local developer community

Full title: Why you should get involved in a local developer community – a panel discussion with community experts Note: Please excuse us for the audio quality Attending conferences and meetups is a great way to learn about emerging technologies, meeting new people and to get new insights. Staying up-to-date with the latest frameworks, libraries […]

TEQnation 2019: Aino Andriessen – The evolution of a Delivery Pipeline at scale

Note: Please excuse us for the audio quality. At the Dutch Tax Office we’re developing a few hundred applications to collect taxes, to support customs, and to payout allowances. The social impact and the political aspects are major concerns on how we organize our processes. We’re currently in the middle of a journey implementing CICD […]

Future Tech 2019: Thomas de Klerk & Tom Kosse – High Performance Teams: De vijf kenmerken van een succesvol team

Please excuse us for the audio quality. There was a malfunction with the microphones. Als organisatie wil je succesvolle effectieve teams om verschillende redenen. Uiteraard leveren succesvolle teams kwalitatief werk en zijn ze productief. Aan de andere kant levert het teamleden een prettige werkomgeving waarin je kan excelleren. Binnen Google is er uitgebreid onderzoek gedaan […]