J-Fall Virtual 2020: Roy van Rijn & Roy Braam – 30 minutes of Failure

This talk will be filled with failure. Innocent failures, funny failures, small failures, but also failures that took out an entire online banking system for hours. Failures made with a single click and elaborate failures that took months of preparation. There is nothing better than gloating about mistakes and learning from them. Failure often comes at a high cost but during this talk you’ll learn from our failures… for free. We have messed up, caused outages and deleted client data so you don’t have to. “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Bio Roy van Rijn:

Roy van Rijn is director at OpenValue Rotterdam and a Java Champion. He worked on numerous projects all over the Netherlands as developer, architect and agile coach. You can read more at his blog (http://www.royvanrijn.com) or follow him on Twitter (@royvanrijn)

Bio Roy Braam:

Roy Braam is a Developer/Architect at JPoint. He loves Java, DevOps, and everything that comes with developing good solutions. Being a real developer he likes to spend his time as much as possible developing. Besides that as an architect, he loves software architecture and solving “the bigger’ puzzle. Roy occasionally blogs at (https://www.roybraam.com), you can reach out to him on Twitter (@rbraam)

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