J-Fall Virtual 2020: Peter Nagy – Infinitely scalable microservices with Project Loom and Helidon

Project Loom introduces VirtualThreads to OpenJDK. VirtualThreads are so lightweight that they are practically an unbounded resource. You can use as many as you like! Blocking I/O? No problem. Forget reactive and return to those simpler, joyful times of synchronous programing. In this talk you will learn about VirtualThreads and see our experimental result with Helidon, an open source microservices framework, to build a highly scalable microservice.

Bio Peter:

Peter Nagy has 20 years of experience in IT and he is currently principal product manager at Oracle in the Enterprise Cloud Native Java team. Worked with most of the Java application servers and always seek the solution to accelerate software development implementing suitable methodologies and frameworks. Beside JVM, WebLogic, Coherence he is focusing on the Helidon project.

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