J-Spring 2020 Digital8 Videos

J-Spring Digital: James Gosling – Exclusive Q&A with the founder of Java

James Gosling is known as the father of the Java programming language and wrote mulitple books. Every respectable Java developer knows him. He will do an exclusive Q&A for J-Spring Digital. Prepare your questions. You can’t miss this! Bio: James Gosling is known as the father of the Java programming language, and since 1984 Gosling […]

J-Spring Digital: Wouter Oet – Agility within a regulated environment

Abstract: Regulations can slow your development down. But not if you watch this talk. I’m going to show how you can go fast without breaking the rules. How a couple of smart strategies can make a world of difference. Applying these tips in a non-regulated environment will get you turbo charged. Bio Wouter: Wouter Oet […]

J-Spring Digital: Graeme Rocher – Micronaut Deep Dive

This session is for developers looking to go beyond the basics with Micronaut, a new microservices and serverless framework for Java, Kotlin, and Groovy. Taking an extensive look at how advanced features such as dependency injection (DI), aspect-oriented programming (AOP), and ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation work, the creator of Micronaut, Graeme Rocher, will walk attendees through […]

J-Spring Digital: Brian Vermeer – Know thy neighbours: dependency management done right

We all love scaffolders like Spring Boot Initialzr. It creates a brand new app with all the latest versions of the libraries we need to get going, enabling us to build awesome applications quickly. But after creating our initial application who is responsible for the dependency management and what happens over time when new features […]

J-Spring Digital: Trisha Gee – Life Beyond Java 8

Wasn’t Java 8 a fantastic update to the language? Lambdas and streams were a huge change and have helped to improve Java developers’ productivity and introduce some functional ideas to the language. Then came Java 9… and although the module system is really interesting for certain types of applications, the lack of exciting language features […]

J-Spring Digital: Urs Peter – Mind Rocking Concurrency with Kotlin Coroutines in Spring Boot

Have you struggled with the deep learning curve of Java’s concurrency abstractions such as Threads, (Completable)Futures or reactrive libraries like RxJava or Reactor? Then Kotlin’s Coroutine will be a revelation for you! In this talk we will expore Kotlin’s Coroutine and discover how you can write asynchronous, non-blocking code as if it was  synchronous, blocking […]

J-Spring Digital: Oleh Dokuka – Reactive is awesome… But where is the bug?

Abstract: We all heard how cool it is to build microservices using reactive technologies, for example, using the same Reactive Spring… but how to live with all this further? In this talk will explore techniques and patterns that you can apply in order to debug / analyse / detect performance issues in your reactive microservices. […]

J-Spring Digital: Grace Jansen & Kate Stanley – Reacting to an event driven world

The first session of the fully online event J-Spring Digital. Abstract: We now live in a world with data at its heart. The amount of data being produced every day is growing exponentially and a large amount of this data is in the form of events. Whether it be updates from sensors, clicks on a […]