J-Fall 2014 Speaker Tom de Wolf & Stijn van den Enden – Modularity and Domain Driven Design

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Applying domain driven design in a modular fashion has implications on how your data is structured and retrieved. A modular domain consists out of multiple loosely coupled sub-domains, each having their own modular schema in the database. How can we migrate and evolve the database schema’s separately with each new sub-domain version? And how do we match this with reporting and cross-domain use cases, where aggregation of data from multiple sub-domains is essential? A case study concerning an OSGi-based business platform for automotive services has driven us to solve these challenges without sacrificing the hard-worked-on modularity and loose coupling. In this presentation you will learn how we used Modular Domain Driven Design with OSGi. ‘Liquibase’ is elevated to become a first class citizen in OSGi by extending multiple sub-domains with automatic database migration capabilities. On the other hand, ‘Elasticsearch’ is integrated in OSGi to become a separate search module coordinating cross-domain use cases. This unique combination enabled us to satisfy two important customer requirements. Functionally, the software should not be limited by module boundaries to answer business questions. Non-functionally, a future-proof platform is required in which the impact of change is contained and encapsulated in loosely coupled modules.

Bio van Tom de Wolf & Stijn van den Enden Tom De Wolf is currently technical lead of a Java software factory delivering multiple projects for multiple clients. His background skills include software architecture, designing & implementing enterprise systems using the Java eco-system. He has specialised in building OSGi based platforms using Agile methodologies and at the same time shaping a technological base platform for future ACA projects. His background as a PhD. in Computer Science at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven enabled Tom to travel the world and present at multiple international conferences.

Stijn Van den Enden is CTO at ACA IT-Solutions. His background skills include software architecture, designing & implementing enterprise class systems based on XML & WebServices, Enterprise Application Integration and B2B integration. He also has a strong background in agile methods. Instructing Java, Patterns, Architecture & XML courses is another way of his involvement with the JEE technology. He advises customers with regards to their enterprise system blueprints, and how to streamline their development process while defining and maintaining the technical roadmap for ACA IT-Solutions.

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