J-Fall 2017 Speaker Nsemeke Ukpong – Configuring Kafka Producers for Stream Processing

If you are like me, the Big Data wave has finally caught up to you. There is no escaping it and in truth (I can attest)with the way that ING is embracing it, it is a pretty interesting place to be!
So the question is, where do you start? This session will provide the introduction you need to kick-start your exploration into Big Data solutions. We will take a deep dive involving some of the architectures past, present and future at ING. We will also look at code examples for start-up projects for one of the leading open source distributed streaming platforms, Apache Kafka.
In a live demo, you will learn about some of the considerations that are worth keeping in mind when implementing Kafka producers in your project.

Bio Nsemeke Ukpong:
Nsemeke is a passionate software engineer with experience in delivering technology solutions for Research and Design, Energy and Financial sectors. From her time in the Research and Design domain, AND has publications on intelligent systems and human computer interaction. She started at ING several years ago as a DevOps engineer with a specialisation in TIBCO Middleware.
These days she is busy learning about middleware architectures and technologies geared towards Big Data and Stream Processing.
As an IT professional, she is keen on results driven collaboration and promoting knowledge sharing.
Though a keen traveller, her base remains the Netherlands where she arrived 10 years ago whilst a korfball player for Great Britain. Next to her interest in technology and learning about other cultures, she enjoys dining out, interactive design and dancing.

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