J-Fall 2017 Speaker Michael Kolenbrander – Blockchain under the hood: Mining

In this session Michael will explore Blockchain technology and how it works ‘under the hood’. We will specifically look at mining; the process which grants a public network its security and brings finality to the transactions sent over the network by putting them into blocks. At Capgemini, we have been mining several cryptocurrencies using different kinds of hardware setups. For this breakout, a demonstration of ASIC mining will be given and we will look at the cryptographic principles that underpin the process. The goal of this session is provide a clear insight into the ‘revolution’ behind this technology and how it managed to mitigate the difficulties in creating a distributed consensus network where predecessors failed before.

Bio Michael Kolenbrander:
Michael Kolenbrander is a Solution Architect at Capgemini. He designs and implements Blockchain and Distributed Ledger solutions and has experience with multiple platforms/architectures (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Corda etc.). His daily work consists of architecture- and applications design, next to consulting and delivering trainings.

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