J-Fall 2023: Mr. Kotlin VS. Mr. Java, an inspirational parody! – Ricky van Rijn & Thom van Kalkeren

As a Java developer we’ve seen Kotlin grow throughout the years! In contrary to me who still prefers Java, my dear friend and co-worker is mainly working with Kotlin. As we cherish a good discussion we’ve put down our best arguments and made a talk about the best arguments we’ve got. Kotlin and Java both run on the JVM, that’s something we both agree. But we differ from that point forward. How is your knowledge about coroutines and nullpointer exceptions in Kotlin? Are we already triggering someone? Enjoy our session with live coding, arguable views and statements meant with a fun twist. This session has some highlights of Java and Kotlin but definitely not all. Curious about both our point of views? Join our session.


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