J-Fall 2023: Ignite sessions

Willem Cheizoo The IKEA effect; writing my own code is fulfilling, but not always smart Writing my own piece of code is amazing. When the code is just written beautiful, with nice tests and good documentation. Even when a lot of other developers use my code all the pieces fall together and it is so fulfilling. It gives me such a great joy of coding, but I absolutely fell for the IKEA effect. A few months later I bump into a GitHub repository with functionality similar to mine. Oh no? Is mine better? Is this one? Should I feel dissappointed? Should I tell anybody, or should I just continue maintaining my code? I feel proud of my own code, we all do. But I do want the best for the product, the best for maintenance and future-proof. Let me explain what I did.

Marianne Hoornenborg Challenging the stereotype: reframing our image. How well do you and those around you fit the stereotypical appearance and characteristics of a software developer? I definitely don’t. In this talk, I discuss the deeply ingrained traits attributed to developers and the need to change that collective image. A transformation significant to all of us. How can we present our image more accurately? Weaving in personal experience, I shine light on underexposed aspects of our profession that may help challenge the stereotype. Let’s reframe our image together!

Brian Vermeer

Blind ignite

Jan Ouwens How Java annotations work We use Java annotations all the time, and sometimes they feel like magic. But how do they actually work under the hood? Let me explain it in less than 5 minutes!

Daniel Garnier-Moiroux Project Carvel: Composable tools for Kubernetes deployments Carvel is a CNCF Sandbox project for creating, packaging and deploying “applications” on Kubernetes. It uses a modular approach, and offers seven different tools. It follows the Unix philosophy: each tool does one thing, and does it really well. These tools can then be composed together for an full, integrated experience. In this ignite session, you’ll see a blazing fast intro to some of these tools, and maybe you’ll want to start using (at least) one!

Jeroen Benckhuijsen

Blind Ignite What will this session be about? Well, you’ll just have to check it out, because I actually have no clue either. It’s a blind ignite after all… I’ll see the slides for the first time on stage. Let’s see if we can actually do a nice presentation based on that…

David Stibbe The quest to create an educational game Describing my motivations for creating an educational game and the resulting journey.

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