J-Fall 2016 Speaker Rik van de Ven – A/B testing in the secure banking environment of ING

In this video

This talk will introduce ING’s Experiments API. Most A/B testing solutions don’t really fit a secure banking environment. There are also some problems in tools manipulating applications without the applications owners in a DevOps world. ING needed a solution for doing A/B tests in a DevOps world without introducing security risks. We have developed our own solution, using a Java based API on top of Cassandra. I will share how this API is integrated in ING’s landscape and demonstrate how we make A/B testing easy for the DevOps teams. This talk will not go in depth into Java, it’s purpose is to explain how and why we came to develop a custom solution, which happens to be Java based.

Bio van Rik van de Ven

I’m a versatile engineer, with background in numerous roles over the year. Build the core of My ING (RIAF) in Java, moved to enterprise architecture for a while and currently working as product owner for teams building technical capabilities. The technical experience is versatile as well, Java backend developent, enterprise content management, frontend build pipelines, etcera.

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