J-Fall 2016 Speaker David Delabassee – Java EE Next

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Cloud, Containerization, Microservices Architecture, Serverless Architecture, Reactive programming, HTTP/2, NoSQL… many paradigms that will impact, partly or greatly, the way we develop and deploy server-side applications in the years to come. Should the Java EE Platform try to address all those paradigms? Or should we just keep calm, carry on and avoid falling in the ‘great technology of the day’ trap? Through the years, Java EE has always evolved to meet new needs and adopt, in standard way, emerging but important technologies. This session will discuss in details the recent initiative aimed at shaping Java EE for the next decade.

Bio van David Delabassee

David Delabassée is a Software Evangelist working for Oracle; his primary focus is Java on the Server-Side, i.e. Java Enterprise Edition. Prior to Oracle, David spent a decade at Sun Microsystems focusing on Java end-to-end (from the smart card to the high end server), related technologies and developer tools. In his various roles, David has been involved in numerous Java projects since the early days of this technology. David lives in Belgium. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games with his daughter and tinkering with technologies such as Java, Home Automation,3D printers, electronics and pinballs.

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