J-Fall 2016 Speaker Niko Köbler – How small can you go? Serverless Microservices

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There are moments, you only want to write code and execute it in the cloud. Without thinking about infrastructure, without the need to manage infrastructure. Because you don’t need it, because you don’t want it, because it’s expensive. Executing event-driven functions in the cloud – that’s what AWS Lambda stands for. Developers only write code, in JavaScript, Java or any JVM-based language or Python. Lambda is doing the rest. The balance is cleared in blocks of 100ms. Write efficient code, pay less! At runtime, the AWS API is available. If you need more libs, just deploy them with your code. With the API-Gateway Lambda services become a fully supported REST-interface and can communicate with the outside world. So, when you’re convinced that Microservices have to be really small, you have to have a look on AWS Lambda. Smaller isn’t really possible. And App-Servers? This is so yesterday…

Bio van Niko Köbler

Doing stuff with computers, often in the web, mostly hacking (functional) on the JVM. Also consulting and training business. Co-Lead of a local Java User Group. Author and Speaker at international tech conferences. Tweeting at @dasniko.

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