J-Fall 2016 Speaker Ruben van Vreeland – How we Hacked LinkedIn and What Happened Next

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The greatest web companies are ramping up their security, and for good reason. In this talk we will go into and advanced XSS attack on LinkedIn with demo’s dissecting how it works. A talk from the hacker himself, that ends with practical mitigations and common pitfalls. Finally, we will zoom out and reflect on how we can take our reasoning about development, such as unit testing, linting, and coding patterns, and apply that to security.

Along the way, there will be additional exploits that amazed security officers from two other great web platforms. Bring your security questions, as there will be time to address these after the talk.

Bio van Ruben van Vreeland

Ruben van Vreeland is a young veteran Ethical Hacker. With BitSensor he gave security advise to the greatest web platforms. He started programming at the age of 9. His security career began when he turned 14. Ruben then started his own security consultancy company. A job as a programmer at a web development company followed.

In the present day Ruben is a speaker at major conferences such as Hack In The Box/HAXPO where he spoke on advanced XSS. With BitSensor he has created a radical new approach on fighting attacks on the application layer, creating applications that defend themselves. BitSensor has been awarded by IBM, in a competition spanning 50 cities worldwide.

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