J-Fall 2016 Speaker Geertjan Wielenga & Remco de Blok – Visualizing Data i/t Cloud with Oracle JET

In this video

Data in the Cloud needs to be visualized in interesting and understandable ways on mobile devices, tablets, and via desktop browsers, which is the key reason for the existence of the Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit. Oracle JET is a free and open source toolkit, providing a solid basis for enterprise JavaScript applications, including built-in solutions for accessibility, modularity, and data visualization. In this code-driven session, you will to find out everything you need to know to create maintainable enterprise applications in JavaScript yourself!

Bio van Geertjan Wielenga & Remco de Blok

Geertjan Wielenga is a product manager at Oracle focused on open source tools and technologies, such as NetBeans and Oracle JET.

Remco works since 1999 for Oracle as a Technical Expert. With the focus on FMW, java and with this on ADF and JET

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