J-Fall 2014 Speaker Wouter Danes – Using Docker to Develop, Test and Run Maven Projects

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Docker recently hit version 1.0 and is being picked up around the world by Ops teams to ease running their applications. Docker can also play a big role in easing the development of applications. In this talk I will address how to use docker to: – create a more scalable build environment using jenkins and docker; – integration test your software using maven and docker; – package your software and run the images in different environments.

Bio van Wouter Danes I’m a DevOps engineer at ING Netherlands. Currently engaged in building their new API platform, both in the “run” aspect and the “build” aspect. 10+ years experience as solution architect and developer for scalable web appliations. I created the architecture of the “platform rijksoverheid online” before I went to work for ING. Random fact: 20 years ago I wrote my own polygon filler in X86 Assembler, I still run it every once in a while.

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