J-Fall 2015 Speaker Carlo Sciolla – Operating Clojure Microservices (Sytac)

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The latest trend in software architecture, microservices help you optimizing your code towards continuous delivery and automomous product teams. However, they also introduce their own peculiar challanges when operating them in a live production site. This talk explores such challenges and provides a sample blueprint for a microservices based continuous delivery setup. The main language used in the sample application is Clojure, a functional programming language that runs on the JVM as well as on several different Javascript engines. While a thorough introduction to Clojure is out of scope for the presentation, some of the Clojure details will also be explained. Next to the continuous delivery pipeline, other aspects typical of a microservices deployment will be exposed, such as monitoring, service discovery and communication patterns.

Prerequisite knowledge: Continuous Delivery, Docker, REST, Message Queues

Bio van Carlo Sciolla Carlo is a travelling technologist who started his life in Sardinia, worked in 8 cities and 5 countries in the last 20 years, settling lately in the Netherlands where he serves as CTO and Clojure Trainer for Sytac, a midsize IT consultancy agency based in Haarlem, while organising the Amsterdam Clojurians meetup since the last 4 years.

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