J-Spring 2019: Sven Peters – Less Process, more Autonomy with a Team Playbook

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Teams are different, projects are different, problems are different. Why are we still trying to squeeze teamwork into department processes, adding bureaucracy, and having organizational layers that makes it harder and much slower to get work done? Join Sven Peters, former lead evangelist at Atlassian now K15t, as he talks about creating a Team Playbook by collecting practices from all teams in an organizations. No end-to-end process, no strict development rules, just some guidelines. You’ll learn tons of plays like goal setting with OKRs, decision making with DACIs, team improvements with health monitors, finding risks with premortem’s, and many more. This talk will teach you how to utilize a playbook for more autonomy by providing teams with the freedom to pick what works in their environment.

Bio Sven

Sven Peters, former Atlassian Lead Evangelist now K15t, has been studying trends in software development for the last 10 years uncovering the cultural attributes to help teams effectively scale and drive innovation. He has 20 years experience in writing code, leading teams, and sharing his experience with thousands of developers at uncountable conferences in 25+ countries.

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