J-Spring 2019: Michel Schudel – Cryptography 101 for Java developers

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So you’re logging in to your favorite crypto currency exchange over https using a username and password, executing some transactions, and you’re not at all surprised that, security wise, everything’s hunky dory… Ever wondered about the amount of cryptography begin used here? No? Let’s dive into the key concepts of cryptography then, and see how the JDK supports this using the standard cryptography API’s: JCA (Java Cryptography Architecture) and JCE (Java Cryptography Extension)! We’ll be exploring message digests, encryption, and digital signatures, and see how they’are used in password checks, https, and block chain technology. After this session, you’ll have a better understanding of basic cryptography, its applications, and how to use the cryptography APIs in Java.

Bio Michel

Coding in Java is what I like, and what I do best, although I am very much into implementing DevOps and Continuous Delivery at the organizations I work for, making release cycles shorter and eliminating bureaucracy and waste. After all, we all want to put good software into production together, don’t we? As a SCRUM master, coaching is my passion, making every team member enthusiastic about the project at hand and encouraging everyone to come up with new ideas. I hate waste: writing documentation nobody will read (that doesn’t mean you should write NO documentation at all), and endless discussions about software releases processes and why we should follow them. These contribute nothing to building and delivering good software that our customers want to use, so don’t bother me with these 🙂

Specialties: Agile development, Spring, JEE, Continuous Delivery, DevOps.

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