J-Spring 2019: Jan Ouwens – Java from a Parallel universe

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Do you get excited about Java when you’re at a conference, learning about cool new features and tools to try?
Do you get sad the next day, when you’re back at work building enterprise applications in an ancient version of Java?

You’re not alone.

In this talk, we will explore what Java looks like in a Parallel Universe where upgrading to the latest Java doesn’t have to be a hassle, where stacktraces can be read and understood by human beings (that’s you!), and where dependency injection is never confusing. I will show you a Parallel Universe where code is beautiful and simple. I will show you a Parallel Universe where there is no magic. I will show you a Parallel Universe where @Annotations were never invented. Will you join me there?

Bio Jan

Jan is a developer and architect at Codestar in the Netherlands, focusing on back-end systems and specializing in Scala and Java. He is interested in functional programming and has worked with Delphi, Ruby, Elm, and yes, even VBScript. He is also the author of EqualsVerifier, a tool to make rigourously testing Java’s equals and hashCode methods a one-liner.

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