J-Fall 2015 Speaker Ernst Naezer & Quinten Krijger – Use Docker to test microservices (ING)

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In this session, attendees will learn how to use Docker and Gradle to do full stack testing. The concepts shown are useful for micro services development.

At ING we build financial scenario planning software. Using Docker and Docker Compose we develop, test and host our application consisting of multiple containers.

This talk focuses on how we test our software stack. We use Docker Compose to inject components that stub services or simulate infrastructure failures. We developed and open sourced a Gradle plugin to take care of the heavy lifting, allowing us to test each image using either unit tests defined in code or by a dedicated test image.

The shown techniques fully support the agile process, by giving instant feedback on the features under simultaneous development against the entire application stack. We are now confident when merging a feature to master.

Bio van Ernst Naezer & Quinten Krijger Ernst Naezer is a developer with a fondness for practical skills and loves building scalable applications that live on the web. He started writing software at an early age on the MSX home computer and over the years raised the abstraction level from low-level assembly languages to distributed network computing and functional programming.

His toolset includes a wide variety of programming languages, a pot-pourri of databases and key/value stores, sane development practices, API design and teaching.

Quinten Krijger started his career in IT at Finalist, after a studies in Physics and a year of classical singing. Later, he moved to Trifork Amsterdam, mainly continuing back-end work on projects using Open Source technology such as Java, Spring, ElasticSearch and MongoDB, with a healthy interest in up-to-date front end programming.

His passion is shortening the feedback cycle to enable agile development: testing, CI and DevOps being key here. Very shortly after its conception, he took an interest in Docker, being very impressed with the wide range of possibilities efficient containers provide. He focused his efforts on that at the startup Container Solutions for half a year and is currently doing DevOps at ING.

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