J-Fall 2015 Speaker Henk Kolk – The Experimental Enterprise (ING)

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Software is eating the world, whole industries are threatened to be disrupted by Silicon Valley style start-ups. Existing enterprises must become agile or face extinction. We as programmers have to rise to the occasion. We drive the change. However, we have our demons too. We all know that there’s a huge difference between shallow programmers and awesome programmers. The challenge in our industry, and for all of us is to become awesome developers. How think about this is that we need to create a very large and efficient learning organisation: The experimental enterprise. In his talk Henk will address: Becoming agile, learning at an individual level, how not to learn, feedback, Dreyfuss model, microservices, API Platform, organisation, conways law (of course), and other challenges to build learning into the fabric of and organisation. With 400 autonomous squads ING is perhaps the most daring or more controversial examples of agility and skill.

Bio van Henk Kolk Henk is chief architect at ING NL. He has more than 25 years background in software engineering, architecture, agile methodologies and transformation. He built his first amplifiers and computers at high school, studied electronics at the University in Twente, and then started working as an independent programmer and advisor. Henk worked for Ernst & Young Consulting and Capgemini as a programmer, and later as a unit manager and CTO. Henk joined ING in the midst of their agile transformation in 2012. Henk is now seriously occupied with microservices.

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