Future Tech 2019: Martin Opdam – Dawn of the planet of artificial intelligence

Our sincere apologies for the atrocious sound quality the first half of the video. We hope you can still enjoy this amazing session by Martin Opdam. A high paced overview of everything you can come across when learning about artificial intelligence. It’s an interesting and entertaining talk for anyone with an interest in technology and our future. Without going into technical details I will show how AI started and how it evolved, what it can do today and what it might do in the future. But I will also show that there is a trend in the way technology has evolved historically. And that the progress in AI in the next few years could go a lot faster than you might expect. So what seems like science fiction today may be closer than you think. My goal is on the one hand to inspire people to have an open mind about what the future might look like, and on the other hand to raise awareness about the risks that might be involved in this technology.

Bio Martin Opdam

As a software developer Martin did many projects for different clients. Last year he gained an interest in artificial intelligence and he loves sharing his enthusiasm about this topic. When he is not working he likes to run, spend time with his family, read a book or watch a movie.

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