Future Tech 2019: Geert van der Cruijsen – Chaos Engineering: The fine art of breaking stuff in production

Traditional monitoring solutions are dead. In the microservices and distributed systems era your complex landscape is never 100% up. If built well this shouldn’t matter. But how do you test it? There is really only 1 place to test high availability, fail saves, and other solutions that you implement to keep your system up and running all the time: that place is your production environment. Chaos Engineering uses a number of practices to be able to do experiments in your production environment without impacting end users. This way you know that when something goes wrong your system is able to recover instead of having an idea of what would happen and you only know it when something actually happens. In this session we’ll cover the basics of chaos engineering, practices of creating an environment that allows for experimenting and how you can start doing this in your own production environments.


Bio Geert van der Cruijsen

Geert van der Cruijsen is a Mobile First Cloud First Architect / Coach / Trainer at Xpirit with a broad experience in helping companies embrace the mobile first, cloud first mind shift. He helps them professionalize their digital business by assisting them in thinking with a mobile first, cloud first mindset and working in an agile manner. Geert believes in continuous improvement and makes software development teams improve themselves by applying new technology, improving quality, and automating their delivery pipeline. Geert has experience in all aspects of the application development lifecycle, from agile ways of working to software architecture and continuous delivery. Geert has a strong focus on mobile application development using Xamarin and the Windows platform. He has led several agile development teams engaged in building mobile apps and cloud-based back-ends for enterprises. Geert is also an active speaker and writer on mobile technologies related to Microsoft in the community, blogging about technical subjects, speaking at conferences, and organising Meetups such as the Dutch Mobile .Net developer’s meetup. Geert is a Certified Scrum.org Scrum Master & Scrum Developer and is a certified Xamarin Training Partner, teaching Xamarin app development to development teams.

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