Future Tech 2019: Gian Paolo Santopaolo – AI for every developer

Artificial Intelligence is changing everything from how we live to how we work and even how we think. It is transforming our lives. As a developer, you should be part of it. And this is the right place where to start with a deep overview of what AI (Artificial Intelligence) /ML (Machine Learning) /DL (Deep Learning) /DNN (Deep Neural Network) are, where the technology is, where is going, and how you can be a part of it by starting developing your models. From Machine Learning and Deep Neural Network through TensorFlow, CNTK, ML.Net, WinML, and ONNX. All that you need to know to start developing your Deep Neural Network, which tool to use and when to use it, making your app, site or service intelligent.

Bio Gian Paolo Santopaolo

Gian Paolo Santopaolo is the CTO at IBV Software with 18+ years of experience in the.Net development ecosystem. He is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP in the Emerging Experiences field. During the past two decades, Gian Paolo participated in several projects involving AI, Touch, Ink, Gestures, and Voice by implementing the latest technologies.

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