J-Fall 2015 Speaker Joris Kuipers – Booting your micro-services architecture with Spring and Netflix

In this video

In this session Joris will show how you can use projects like the Netflix OSS stack and Spring Boot & Cloud to effectively implement a micro-services based architecture. After quickly discussing some pros and cons of a micro-services based approach he’ll cover topics like configuration management, inter-service communication, resilience and monitoring by explaining the various supported options in a practical, hands-on fashion. Where possible there will be demos!

Bio van Joris Kuipers Joris has worked as a hands-on architect for Trifork over the last four years, in markets as diverse as education, healthcare, news media and government. Before that he was a trainer and consultant for SpringSource, and he still teaches the occasional Spring training for the GOTO Academy. He has been working with Enterprise Java for more than 15 years.

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