J-Fall 2015 Speaker Brian Benz & Harel Broitman – Setting up monitoring for Java apps (Microsoft)

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Setting up monitoring for Java applications for build, measure, learn (Microsoft)

Are you developing in an agile world and building a modern service, web or mobile application? For this, it is critical to understand your customer needs and how they are using your product. You want to understand usage trends to better target the right personas and environments, prioritize the right workflows, and invest in the right sets of features. Of course you also want that information in near-real-time to ensure you can quickly respond to changing customer needs. In this session we show how to get a comprehensive 360° view across availability, performance & usage to help you get all of these answers quickly and easily.

Bio van Gerard van der Pol & Harel Broitman Gerard van der Pol is developer consultant bij Microsoft

Harel Broitman is a Senior Program Manager in Microsoft’s developer division, where he has been working since 2010 in a variety of domains, such as Mobile, Big Data, Client Management and Security. In his current role, Harel is responsible for Java applications monitoring in Application Insights. Prior to Microsoft, Harel held software engineering and product management positions at SAP and IAI.

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