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J-Fall 2019: Erik Hooijmeijer – Decompiling Kotlin

While my colleagues revelled in Kotlin’s new features, I was curious how exactly these features are achieved on the JVM. So I spent some time reading byte code and decompiling Kotlin into Java with sometimes hilarious results 🙂 In this presentation a take some example code in Kotlin, compile it and then decompile it with […]

J-Fall 2019 Aftermovie

J-Fall 2019 was a huge success! Relive the J-Fall experience right here with the aftermovie of J-Fall 2019!

The opening of J-Fall 2019!

The official start of J-Fall 2019!

J-Fall 2019: M. Burgerhout, R.Hodzelmans & W. Vos – Multi-Hybrid kafka quarkus

Full title: J-Fall 2019: Maxim Burgerhout, Roel Hodzelmans & Wian Vos – Multi-Hybrid kafka quarkus using a robotic Cat and some random stuff. During our talk we will show a demo where we use the brand new Tekton CI/CD tooling and Kubernetes operators to deploy a Quarkus.io + Kafka based application to multiple clouds (Google/Amazon) […]

J-Fall 2019: Sander Mak – Keeping Up With Java

It seems like keeping up to date with Java nowadays is an enormous task. Gone is the era of big, delayed Java releases that span years. We’re now getting a new major release every six months. What’s up with that? You’re probably still developing on Java 8, even though Java 13 is already available. Join […]

J-Fall 2019: Jaap Coomans – Mocking your microservices with mock-server

How can I test my microservices? It’s an often heard question that leads to a lot of debate. Deployment and interdependence with other services are the challenges we’re facing there. So, what if we could treat our microservices tests just like our familiar unit tests? What if we could isolate the microservice and mock all […]

J-Fall 2019: William Bakker – From Iterator to Spliterator

Good chance that you have worked with the Java Streams API. It is quite easy to consume Stream objects. What if you want to produce your own Stream? Is List.stream().map().collect(toList()) an antipattern? How to deal with IO? How can you transform your service and your API’s using Stream? I will show some best practices on […]

J-Fall 2019: Caspar Derksen – Driving the energy transition while keeping the lights on

Full title: J-Fall 2019: Caspar Derksen – NLJUG Innovation Award – TenneT – Driving the energy transition while keeping the lights on Want to know how TenneT manages the national high-voltage grid? And how we rebuilt our legacy system for balancing demand and supply of electricity in a volatile energy market? In this talk, we […]

J-Fall 2019: T. Drevers & J. van Weenen – Detecting hazardous situations with Apache Ignite

Full title: J-Fall 2019: Thomas Drevers & Joost van Weenen – Detecting potential hazardous situations in the Dutch railway planning with Apache Ignite. Every day millions of people travel by train through the Netherlands. Approximately 10.000+ train movements are planned on a daily basis for safe traveling on one of the busiest rail infrastructures in […]