Future Tech 2021: Heini Ilmarinen – Machine Learning 102 – Beyond the Visual Tools

It has never been this easy to get started with machine learning. Just pick up one of the visual tools and boom! You have trained your first machine learning model! But how far can you really get with a visual tool? Should you switch over to using notebooks and code, and if so – when would be the time to do it? The gap between the visual tools and notebooks can feel daunting, and knowing when and how to take the leap can be difficult. In this session we will start with the Azure Machine Learning Designer to create, train and deploy a machine learning model. We will then look at what new concepts and skills you need to do the same work using Jupyter notebooks. We will take a look at the different parts of Azure Machine Learning and how they fit together to train and deploy a machine learning model using code. Using your new skills you will be ready to use notebooks for your next Azure Machine Learning project like a pro!

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