Future Tech 202120 Videos

Future Tech 2021: Brendan Burns – Why should you care about microservices?

Are microservices really a technical innovation? Or are they really about ideal team design? At the end of the day, technology changes rapidly, but people change slowly, if ever. This means that to truly build great systems, we need to understand how to enable our teams to excel, as well as how to use the […]

Future Tech 2021: Laurent Bugnion – The State of .NET

.NET is almost old enough to drink in the US (the first release was in 2002, 19 years ago…) but it’s definitely not rusty. Over the years it went through many transformations, including its latest incarnation known as .NET 5. In this presentation, Laurent Bugnion, a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, who coded his first .NET […]

Future Tech 2021: Luca Bolognese – Introduction to Functional Programming in F#

We are going to look at the fundamental concepts in functional programming by transforming a snippet of code from imperative to functional. We will use F# as our chosen programming language, but also see how the same concepts apply in C, Powershell, C# and others.”

Future Tech 2021: Steve Gordon – Let’s Talk HTTP in .NET Core

In the world of microservices (yes, there’s that buzzword again!) and distributed systems, we often find ourselves communicating over HTTP. What seems like a simple requirement can quickly become complicated! Networks aren’t reliable and services fail. Dealing with those inevitable facts and avoiding a cascading failure can be quite a challenge. In this talk, Steve […]

Future Tech 2021: Roelant Dieben & Michiel Hamers – The Power of Automation

As a .NET software developer we are constantly broadening our horizon with the exciting new features that are added to the .NET framework and its extended family. Sometimes new techniques come along that can potentially change everything. The Microsoft Power Platform could be such a game-changer, but should we fear this development, or should we […]

Future Tech 2021: Håkan Silfvernagel – Machine learning in the browser using TensorFlow.js

In order to start out with machine learning you typically would need to learn Python, Tensorflow, Jupyter Notebook etc. But what if you could run your machine learning straight in the browser. This can be done through Tensorflow.js. In this session you will get an introduction so that you can use it in your own […]

Future Tech 2021: Johnny Hooyberghs – Microsoft Q# and Azure Quantum

You’ve probably heard about quantum computing, but it still remains a mystery? In this deep-dive session, specifically targeted to software developers, I will explain important concepts like qubits, superposition, and entanglement. Theoretical knowledge about quantum physics, quantum circuits, quantum gates, and quantum algorithms will be combined with examples using the Microsoft Quantum Developer Kit and […]

Future Tech 2021: Vincent Hendriks – Containerization is improving your dev experience!

Docker has changed IT by making it a lot easier to ship your products, but what about the development experience? In this session i will talk about what containerization can do for the developer itself, teams and organizations. It’s not just about shipping products themselves. Topics I will be talking about are containerized dev environments […]

Future Tech 2021: Donald Hessing & Arin Roy – Introduction to GraphQL – The API for modern apps

GraphQL is a new API standard that provides a more efficient, powerful and flexible alternative to REST. GraphQL enables declarative data fetching where a client can specify exactly what data it needs from an API. Instead of multiple endpoints that return fixed data structures, a GraphQL server only exposes a single endpoint and response with […]