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J-Fall 2023: Ignite sessions

Willem Cheizoo The IKEA effect; writing my own code is fulfilling, but not always smart Writing my own piece of code is amazing. When the code is just written beautiful, with nice tests and good documentation. Even when a lot of other developers use my code all the pieces fall together and it is so […]

J-Fall 2023: Roy Wasse & Roy van Rijn

How good of a developer are you?Are you a good Java developer? What makes a good developer? And how can we measure this? If you ask Oracle they’ll say OCP (Oracle Certified Programmer), which means that you know when the compiler makes those red squiggly lines in your IDE disappear. If you ask FAANG companies […]

J-Fall 2023: Keynote ‘Moving Java Forward Together’ – Sharat Chander & Pratik Patel

Modern application development is unrecognizable without Java. Rather than resting on our laurels, Oracle’s leadership continues to drive Java innovation forward. Equally important is Oracle’s continuing stewardship of the Java ecosystem because without you, the community, Java doesn’t move forward. The role you play is critical in ensuring Java’s future for today as well as […]