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J-Fall 2016 Speaker Pascal Snippen & Rene Boere – Quintor Keynote: Mindblowing: 40+ node PI cluster

Met een Raspberry PI kan alles toch? Dat dachten wij ook. Dus besloten we het grootste Java gebaseerd overheids IT project te porten naar een 40+ node PI cluster. Dit is geen simpele demo applicatie maar deze applicatie wordt gebruikt door meer dan 1 miljoen gebruikers en heeft de gebruikelijke hardware en software requirements dat […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Tom Eugelink – One application to rule them all

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could write a mobile app and a desktop app with a single code base. Yes, of course there are HTML based solutions, and they work as well, but maybe you also find developing in HTML, CSS and JavaScript just frustrating as I do. I want to work in an […]

J-Fall 2015 Speaker Rene Boere, Pascal Snippen & Arjen Wassink – Continuous Delivery

Deze sessie is een verdieping van de keynote en doet uit de doeken hoe wij ons cluster ingericht hebben, inclusief de technische details. Met live demo’s tonen wij hoe principes en technieken werken. Zo zul je zien hoe wij in staat zijn met Git, Bamboo, Docker en Marathon, geautomatiseerd microservices uit te rollen op ons Mesos […]

J-Fall 2015 Speaker Rene Boere & Pascal Snippen – Pushing the limits of Continuous Delivery

Containers, cloud platformen, Service Discovery en Continuous Delivery zijn technologieën die zich momenteel razendsnel ontwikkelen. We passen allemaal al jaren Continuous Integration gecombineerd met unittesten toe in onze projecten. In deze sessie geeft Quintor haar visie hoe we Continuous Integration de komende jaren zien evolueren naar een Continuous Delivery omgeving op Web-scale formaat, gebruikmakend van […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Peter Hilton – Documentation avoidance for developers

However good your code, other people never seem to get it. Instead they ruin your day (and your productivity) by asking questions and expecting documentation. You need to know how to explain code without getting stuck in meetings or spending half your time on the only thing you hate more than meetings: writing documentation. Instead, […]

J-Fall 2017 Speakers Dalibor Topic, Robert Scholte & Uwe Schindler – Working with JDK 9 in Practice

With the JDK 9 GA release, more developers are starting to explore how their code builds and runs with JDK 9. In this panel, leading developers of some of the most popular open source projects (Apache Lucene & Apache Maven) will discuss their experiences making their projects’ code ready for JDK 9 and Project Jigsaw. […]

J-Fall 2015 Speaker Bert Ertman – Microservices for Mortals

Microservices is the new popular kid on the block. Crowd pleaser at many conferences. With popular poster children such as Netflix and Amazon it seems to be the killer approach to 21st century architectures, right? But is this stuff only for Hollywood Coders pioneering on the bleeding edge of our profession? Or is this stuff […]

J-Fall 2014 Speaker Bas W. Knopper – Evolutionary Algorithms

Java Developers sometimes face programming challenges, such as creating a school roster or determining a salesperson’s optimal route, that are extremely difficult to crack using conventional approaches. Discover how Evolutionary Algorithms can be applied to solve these complex puzzles. The session starts with a success story from the NASA space archives to explain the concepts. […]

J-Fall 2018: Wouter Oet – Real team performance @ the Rabobank

Bringing business value to production can be hindered by many factors. From bad tooling & bad deployment environments to slow development cycles. In this talk I’ll show you the 3 factors you need to get right to have real team performance and bring business value fast. This is all based on our own experience at […]

J-Fall 2018: Tim Prijn & Egbert Pot – Share your rocket-science-grade problems with hyper advanced Lightboard Technology

At the Rabobank we apply several forms of knowledge sharing. Besides, presentations, workshops, BrainBits, we now apply Lightboard Technology. This session will introduce and demo this form of knowledge sharing. At the end the attendees will know about the benefits, our learnings and of course how to create a board (with their team) themselves and […]