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J-Fall 2019: Hinse ter Schuur – Mikado and the Art of Refactoring

Do you know this feeling? Still struggling with a big refactoring… you promised your team that it would be finished within a day. But that was two days ago. You cannot just revert, because you already invested a lot of time. You have to go forward. But… the project is not compiling at all. If […]

J-Fall 2019: Dieter Hubau – A wild CVE appears! Rebuild all the containers!

Who doesn’t love a good Dockerfile? They are powerful and offer an easy, developer-friendly solution to packaging your applications in a standardized format. Yet they can require a lot of knowledge to construct properly and securely. Securing and maintaining these images can be hard to enforce at scale in the enterprise. Ask yourself: how long […]

J-Fall 2019: Michel Schudel – Cryptography 101 for Java developers

So you’re logging in to your favorite crypto currency exchange over https using a username and password, executing some transactions, and you’re not at all surprised that, security wise, everything’s hunky dory… The amount of cryptography to make all this happen is staggering. In order to appreciate and understand what goes on under the hood, […]

J-Fall 2019: Talip Ozkeles – 10 Tips to decrease your velocity

In this session we will discuss 10 tips to decrease your velocity. Yes you read it well. 10 Tips to decrease your velocity. This session is not intended for people who already know how to decrease their velocity. It is intended for people who know how to increase their velocity, so that they can learn […]

J-Fall 2019: Anders Norås – Community Keynote: A Brief History of Computer Music

Computer programmed music has come a long way since the CSIR Mark 1 played a scratchy Colonel Bogie back in the early 1950s. In this talk we’ll go on a journey through the history of music made with code. We’ll meet the pioneers who invented computer music, visit classic video game soundtracks, learn how computer […]

J-Fall 2019: Wouter Oet & Vincent Oostindië – Keynote 1: Going live, in 10, 9, 8…!

Last year Rabobank talked about its new platform, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, that enables development teams to build and run their applications much quicker, using modern technologies. This year we’re going to take it one step further. We’ll create an app and deploy it, live on stage, to production!

J-Fall 2019: Hanno Embregts & Maarten Mulders – Beware of Survivorship Bias!

Most talks on a typical conference schedule contain success stories of technology. This could lead to survivorship bias. Survivorship bias causes you to draw false conclusions because you mostly heard about successes, but hardly ever about failures. Yet failures provide us with lots of valuable knowledge: when not to apply a certain technique, pattern or […]

J-Fall 2019: Alex Soto – Supersonic, Subatomic Java with Quarkus

Java was born in the mid-90s, the era of TLC and Boyz II Men, long before the rise of Linux server virtualization and the Linux container. We took great pride in running Java applications for weeks if not months without restarts and Java assumed the whole computer belonged to itself, that it could consume all […]

J-Fall 2019: Roel Spilker & Reinier Zwitserloot – The mistakes we made in a open source project

Full title: J-Fall 2019: Roel Spilker & Reinier Zwitserloot – The 7 biggest mistakes we made in 10 years of running a major open source project Roel and Reinier of Project Lombok (the Java boilerplate busting tool) explain their top 7 mistakes made over the past 10 years of creating and maintaining an open source […]