J-Fall 2019: Jay Rajani – Kafka vs CQRS+Event Sourcing

Kafka has rapidly become very popular, even small to evolve enterprises are noticing it. Why not? Kafka is one of the best stream processing platforms right now. The recent trend in Microservices also gave a boost to this increase in popularity of Kafka. But wait is it a de facto standard. Do we really need Kafka in our project? I have also seen projects where Kafka is only used to send notifications which can easily be replaced by some cloud services like SQS. Kafka has its advantage in Microservices as well. But we have other options like CQRS + event sourcing. There are good implementations available in the market to help the faster implementation of such well known patterns.

If you want to know

  • Why kafka is popular?
  • What kafka does not do?
  • Can CQRS+ES be a good option for you?
  • Can we combine both?
  • Existing implementation available in the market for CQRS+ES

So, let’s deep dive into these concepts and understand whether it is a good fit for you. If you are a back ender with little knowledge about Spring Boot, you will enjoy the session.

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