J-Fall 2019: Jaap Coomans – Mocking your microservices with mock-server

How can I test my microservices? It’s an often heard question that leads to a lot of debate. Deployment and interdependence with other services are the challenges we’re facing there. So, what if we could treat our microservices tests just like our familiar unit tests? What if we could isolate the microservice and mock all its dependencies? With mock-server you can do just that. Mock-server lets you mock any http service, making you independent of other teams building those services. And the best part is, you can use it with the tools you already know like JUnit, Maven and Docker and do all the things you already know from your favorite Java mocking framework. You can run mock-server locally, as part of your Maven build or as a Docker image in your cloud environment. In this session I will show you exactly how you can use mock-server for your tests.
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